About Us

Our Brand

Cynthia Desser Accessories is a luxury fashion accessory brand based in Los Angeles. Cynthia's coveted pieces stand in a category of their own, combining color, texture, and custom finishes, to create unique yet wearable favorites. The original collection was launched and produced in Paris, France, and sold throughout Europe and Asia. Today, our complete collection is made in Los Angeles using carefully curated materials sourced from all over the world. Working with US based family owned production facilities, each piece is thoughtfully hand finished in our studio. Cynthia's pieces are created to coordinate with each season's mood while maintaining a timeless appeal that can be loved and collected by women of all ages.
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Our Production

Each piece is designed, conceptualized, and produced in our Los Angeles studio, allowing us to keep a close eye on each step of the production process. What starts as an idea quickly turns into a sketch, then a model, then discussed with other team members in order to work out any potential kinks.  From there, our small team of talented artisans take over, handcrafting each piece to perfection. Cynthia works closely on the design and production process, enforcing unparalleled standards of quality control along each step of the way.