When first introduced to Stingray, I was immediately drawn to working with it because of it’s preciousness, it’s history, it’s refinement. I learned about Stingray leather, or Galuchat, from master designers and craftsmen in Paris, and was fascinated and inspired when shown the origins of the use of Galuchat leather. From Samurai sword handles to Art Deco furniture, I was mesmerized by it’s elegance, strength and beauty.

Several years ago, we received large orders for our exotic cuffs with center color from our retail partners. The material was no longer available, and being stubborn & resourceful, I found the correct pigments and painted it myself.

As always, materials converged and I experimented with ways of painting the Galuchat as well, and when playing with samples of our shimmer compound, was thrilled with the effect. Over the years, I’ve created a myriad of color combinations and patterns, which have been sold by high end retailers throughout the world.

Interestingly, as it has has been the case with concepts or details of many of my best-selling pieces over the years, there was no thought at all put into the idea of the center line. It just happened, on the first shimmery stingray cuff I painted, and I never questioned it.

Now, as I’m exploring change, personal and creative renovation, I’m indulging myself with full creative freedom in working with the combination of these materials- beyond producing many for our retail partners and without the restraints that entails, taking the time to create designs that are more complicated and challenging to reproduce in larger quantities, and painting each one myself.

By creating a limited-edition series of these painted cuffs, with layers and layers of pigments, dyes and paints overlapping, ombres of varied colors of shimmer - both time consuming and endorphin producing- my goal is that they bring joy to the future wearers as well as an appreciation for the materials and process.

To start, I’ve painted 3 of each of 4 ‘styles’, which will not be reproduced. No two are completely alike. They are accompanied by a signed card of authenticity. 


Going slower, putting more into less.

My cuff version of haute couture.