When asked that party game question-
“If you could go anywhere, anytime in history, where and when would it be?” I easily, dreamily answer, “1925, Paris Expositions des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes” 
This exhibition gave the name ART DECO to a rich vein of decorative design. Modern day me would love to teleport myself to this exhibit, to be among the first to peruse the original works by so many of the artists and designers of that time, including: Goldsmithing by Christophle, furniture by Le Corbusier, Thonnet and Gio Ponti, and how unbelievable would it be to visit the 3 barges moored on the Seine housing couturier Paul Poiret’s displays?  My favorite bridge in Paris, Pont Alexandre III, hosted Sonia Delaunay’s ‘simultaneous’ clothing and textiles in an ephemere boutique. 
If I could be at the exhibit, I would surely loiter there for a good part of each day!
These places have been my ‘haunts’ for years- but to be able to be there at that time, see those designers and their works… bliss, inpiration, goosebumps.
Changing continents and time periods–When I lived in NYC, my daily walk to and from work brought me in front of the Chrysler building. It was and is still a huge source of power and inspiration to me.
Here’s my homage to the Designers, Artists, Photographers and Architects of that time:
The Chrysler Building:
The styling for this image was inspired by is Man Ray’s photography (see below) and the cuff inspiration from fabulous Sonia Delauny. 


Sonia Delaunay’s painting “Composition with Discs”

 Man Ray’s iconic image of Kiki de Montparnase