OK–so it’s been like forever since I’ve done a blog post–what can I say?
I’ve been B U S Y! That’s the easiest (of course true too) answer.
Also, a bit shy, absent minded, yet- overall, just super wrapped up!
Now, with the FALL COLLECTION finally up on the website, I thought it was high time to communicate again–starting with the inspirations that led to this collection…

I’ve been moved by, in admiration of and generally inspired by DEBBY HARRY for as long as I can remember.  She’s cool, the original, a strong woman never afraid to flaunt her sexiness and use it to her advantage.  Most of all, her look and style just gets me- I just get it, and want to applaud it.  She was her own stylist… creative, innovative and intelligent- using her looks and sexiness to their best advantage, staying true to herself.  But most of all, staying true to cool rock and roll- the essence of creation for me.

Oddly enough, another all time muse for me has been the classic beauty of GRACE KELLY- aka- Princess Grace of Monaco.  Her elegant, timeless, seamless style.  Simple and alluring. Her simplicity and grace created a strong presence, her effortless style made her a charismatic icon.